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您好答案是come to meet the family 遇见家庭 希望帮助你

为你解答。 Come (and) meet the family. This is a picture (of) my family.The man (is) my father.He is (a) policeman.The woman is (my) mother,She is (an) English teacher. They (have) a son and a daughter.The son is me. (My) nam...

Meet my family 见我的家人 双语对照 例句: 1. My husband's parents flew out to meet my family when we got married in myhometown, so that was great. 我丈夫的父母在我们结婚的我的市中心飞去见过我的家人,因此这个很好。


The Spring Festival is coming. It is myfavourite festival. During the festival, I want to play with my cousinshappily. We both grew up together since childhood, has been to primary school,we have not seen for many years Thissum...

1 a wide variety of 许多种 2 transparent 透明的 3 increased 增长 4 sources (注意这里要加s)来源 5 mixture 混合 6 back step 倒退 希望可以帮到你~


Come and meet my family 来见见我的家人 例句 1.Come and meet my family, uncle, aunt, father, mother. 来看看我的家,叔叔,阿姨,父亲,母亲。 2.I'd like you to come and meet my family, Mary. 玛丽,我想要你来见见我的家人。 3.Hi! Fr...

hi.meet my family! 嗨,去见见我的家人吧

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