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come out 后面不能直接跟 to do 或者 doing 它的一般结构是 xxxx come out to do/doing 虽然 to do 和 doing与come out距离比较接近,但不能表明他们就是固定搭配,这个时候应该看 come out 前面的词应该跟 to do 还是doing,这个时候可以把come...

看好了 come out to 到...【地方】去 come out from 从...【地方】中出来 come out of 从...【境况,情绪】中出来

其实重要的区别是: ① come out of = come + out of。 out of本身是词组(come并不是关键), 表示: a) from with to outside of, 由里向外; b) from a given condition, 在某个特定条件下; c) from an origin, source, or cause; 起...

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come out有“出版、出现、为人所知”的意思 come out of是“由…产生、从…出来”的意思

你好,这两句话是不是出自下面这篇文章? Being gay(同性恋) in China: Your stories http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8478911.stm 根据维基百科的解释,come out(coming out)的意思是: Coming out of the closet, or simply coming out, ...

你好! come out;come up with 出来;提出

come out 表示“显露出来”,不定式 to be a bit of pose 是结果状语,意思是“变成某种意义上的姿态”,其实就是“稍微摆出那么一点姿势来”。

come out 出来;大白;出现; 1. They would always come out and warm up the audience. 他们总是会出来调动观众情绪。 2. "Keep quiet, or they'll all come out," they warned him. “别作声,否则他们全都出来了,”他们警告他。 3.The book c...

come out to welcome him 出来欢迎他

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