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very classmates upright sitting concentrate one's attention on class there,


2018年度周至县初三三模成绩,可询问学校教务处, 最直接的是问你的班主任。祝你好运。


他们可能是买了音乐的版权 咱也不得而知

Our life will change greatly in the 2018. In 2018,every family will own at least one computer,with which we can shop online without going out.That is really fantastic.Also,robots will be employed by every family.They can help d...

Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find it ridiculous, but this has been my pursuit! My dream is to want ...

你好! 很高兴能帮到你,你的采纳是我前进的动力!

In addition, lots of economic measures can be implemented to protect the enviroment. For instance, tax is a useful way of forcing the industry to pay attention to the environment. In a word, all the world should reach the agree...

and he is five years older than Bob.

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