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charming KK: [] DJ: [] a. 1. 令人高兴的;迷人的;有魅力的 a charming dress 娇美的服装 a charming young lady 迷人的年轻女士 英译汉建议使用百度词典,汉译英建议使用yahoo助手

The most attractive man is the one who is working seriously

A secret makes a woman woman.

I think that all those who can speak fluent English are very charming.

Charismatic有风度的 handsome/good-looking/hot帅 charming有魅力的

you are a attractive women

最富表现力,最有魅力的语言之一 one of the most expressive and the most attractive languages

有事业的女人最有魅力的英文: A woman with a career is the most attractive.

最有魅力的人是自信的男人 The most attractive man is the confident man

这个译文很有吸引力 翻译结果: The translation is very attractive

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